The association is composed by the two lawyers Alessandrino and Bandiera which make use of the work of collaborators internal at the study.

The study furthermore collaborates with outside tried experience professionals in the specialized extralegale competence matters and disposes of a domiciliatari net in all Italy and abroad.

Point of strength of Study Partner, besides the base preparation in the juridical matters and the personal experience of the lawyers, before acquired at other studies, is the care placed in the systematic exam of the single concrete cases shown by the customers.

The associated study develops his activity in a young and dynamic context and internet through is equipped with modern supports data processing, constantly brought up to date also, what allow to perform indispensable laws and jurisprudence searches to execute an in-depth analysis and the most possible detailed some problematic mails from its customers..

The study offers services to enterprises and deprived of advice and legal aid and extragiudiziale in civil and criminal matter, exposes opinions on problems and matters proposed by the customers, with particular regard above described the matters and afterwards better specified.