Numerous legal services offered from Study Alessandrino and flag are to the enterprises. They, in street completely esemplificativa, can be summarized in the following activities:

- ADVICE: it is represented by the exposure written of oral opinions or in form on juridical matters which can rise around the activity of enterprise. In particular the service of advice his activity supports enterprise in the inherent important decisions, ensuring a direct and constant contact with the professional, providing necessary assistence to employee by telephone contacts, through internet or for the most complex cases directly assuring the advocate presence near the business premises.

- CONTRACTS: standard editing of contracts for enterprises for the supply of products or services also on line. Standard editing of contracts to use with the final consumers or with the professional operators, contracted to distance, contracts of intellectual software works. Contracts and clauses of guarantee of the products provided by the enterprises. Editing and aid to stipulates some greater contracts used by the enterprises, what: leases of buildings to commercial use, rents, rent dxazienda, leasings, franchising, sales, assignments of credits and contracts, factorings, sales to instalments with property reserve and pact of retrovendita or redemption, sales beyond the commercial premises.

- ACQUISITIONS AND ASSIGNMENTS OF COMPANIES OR BRANCHES OF COMPANIES: the service in the assistence consists to the preventive acquisition or company assignment, with cheap attention particular to the analysis of the situation juridical what company object of the future acquisition or assignment presents. Aid to the bent and he stipulates of the preliminary or definitive assignment or acquisition contract, according to the particular demands of the case. Particular attention is placed to the company acquisition tutelage, by analisis of the debt of the company acquisition object situation, of his position with the suppliers, the contracts and the causes in being at the moment of the assignment.

- CREDITS RECOVERED: The recover of the credit both in Italy than foreign, is executed by a preventive analysis of the patrimonial situation of the debtor, turned to verify, before undertaking action than recovery, the possibility of success or less itself, in the esecution coattiva on the mobile or immobile goods of the debtor. The true and real execution phase is subsequently begun: estate, press third and estate; in questxultimo case subject to judicial mortgage enrolment on the properties of the debtor.

The Alessandrino and Bandiera study is furthermore responsible of:

- Editing and generally stipulate of conventions or transactions,

- Aid to the meetings and the Boards of Directors,

- Aid to the company constitution, liquidation of the themselves ones, relationships or partners controversies,

- Actions of responsibility of the company managers,

- Failures and concorsuali procedures

In the trial and arbitral world the Alessandrino and Bandiera study offers the enterprises aid in the both civil and criminal character processes, concerning : the commercial or corporate credit, the competition recovery between enterprises, damages indemnities and responsibility actions both civil and criminal, the intellectual works, work controversies and generally all the disputes of character.

Avv. Alessandrino take care of the assistence